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Online courses to learn scientific insect illustration from scratch

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The duration of each course is between 3 and 5 hours divided into different classes. You can check the characteristics of each course by clicking on the button "see course" to know the exact duration.

The online classes are taught in video format, which you can watch as many times as you want.

Depending on the course we will see illustrations of beetles, moths, butterflies, dragonflies or bees.

You can pay by credit card (Stripe) or Paypal.

You can enter each course to check its price by clicking on the "see course" button.

If your project is approved by the teachers you can publish your drawing in our social networks, only if you want to. You can send an example similar to the one you have worked on in the course, but we recommend sending a new project of your choice. For example, you can send scientific illustrations to review such as beetles, moths, butterflies, dragonflies or bees.

Once you have purchased the course, you will have access to the platform for 1 year. You will be able to take the courses as many times as you consider necessary.

By clicking on the "see course" button in each course, you will learn about the materials and requirements you will need to take the insect scientific illustration course.

You can know all the characteristics of the entomology courses by clicking on the buttons of each course.

The course starts from scratch so anyone could take the course. What if you already have knowledge of scientific illustration? You can take advantage of the course in the same way, because as we go deeper into the course, the level increases and you will learn the techniques and tips used by the teachers.

If you have reviewed the characteristics of each course and still have doubts, you can write to us from the "contact" section or write to

Entomological illustration

Entomological illustration is used by naturalists and other scientists to learn about the parts of an insect. It summarizes and interprets in an objective and precise way insect species, their structures and morphological conditions.

In order to carry out such rigorous work, it is necessary to master certain techniques and work with different technological equipment.

The illustrator is required documentation, research and direct observation with the insect to be represented. He/she must handle optical devices and make special sketches. Handling a microscope, a magnifying glass with a clear camera and a camera with zoom. 

Most entomological illustrators have a background in biological sciences since taking on the job of illustrating these bugs requires extensive knowledge.

What will you learn in our course?

In our course we know how difficult is the scientific illustration of insects, that is why we focus on preparing you to make the task faster and easier. We offer courses with watercolor techniques, graphite, colored pencils and digital drawing.

We work so that our students understand that the first step is the observation and study of the insects to be represented. We focus on basic aspects of drawing, color and techniques in each artistic medium.

Our classes are conducted virtually through videos that course participants can watch as many times as they wish. We offer contact with the teacher by e-mail and, in addition, we will leave final exercises that will be graded by the teacher. We will give tips to the artists to improve and understand the techniques of insect representation.

What can I work on as an insect illustrator? 

If you are a specialist in biological sciences, you know very well that knowing about insects and learning how to draw them is something that will always be present in your work. Likewise, you should know that every day encyclopedias, projects and books on insects or basic sciences that must be illustrated are made, and that is where the work of an illustrator and his knowledge of entomological drawing comes in. If you are interested in expanding your services, you know that this course can help you.