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Online courses to learn reptile illustration from scratch

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The duration of each reptile course is between 3 and 5 hours divided into different classes. You can check the characteristics of each course to know the exact duration.

The online classes are taught in video format, which you can watch as many times as you want and wherever you want.

Depending on the course we will see step by step illustrations of snakes, frogs or alligators.

You can pay for the courses by credit card or Paypal.

You can enter each course to check its price by clicking on the "view course" button.

If your project is approved by the teachers you will be able to publish your illustration in our social networks. You can send an example similar to the one you have worked on in the course, but we recommend sending a new project of your choice. For example, you can send scientific illustrations to review such as crocodiles, lizards, toads or turtles. These species are just an example, you can send us to correct the reptile of your choice.

Once you have purchased the course, you will have access to the platform for 1 year. You will be able to review the contents as many times as you consider necessary.

Entering each course by clicking on the "see course" button you will be able to know the materials you will need to complete the courses of scientific illustration for reptiles.

You can know all the characteristics of the reptile courses by clicking on the buttons of each course.

The courses start from zero, so anyone could take the course. What if you already have knowledge of scientific illustration? You can take advantage of the course in the same way, because as we go deeper into the course, the level increases and you will learn the techniques and tips used by the teachers.

If you have reviewed the characteristics of each course and still have doubts, you can write to us from the "contact" section or write to

What are our courses on scientific reptile illustration?

Our courses are made up of a series of videos that students can watch as many times as they wish at their convenience. The level of the videos and the level of demand of the classes increases as the content is developed. Each student will be able to communicate with the course teacher via e-mail. At the end of the course, the student will be assigned an activity that will be reviewed and commented by the teacher.

We focus on providing illustration techniques necessary when depicting reptiles. We discuss what materials to use to best illustrate certain parts of the animal and also teach students how to observe and research to find better results when drawing a reptile.

Although there are many drawing media and techniques, our courses focus on providing illustration techniques in watercolor, colored pencil and digital drawing.

Objectives of the reptile illustration course

The objectives of this course are clear: we want to teach the student to have compositional and aesthetic criteria, we want to teach the proper techniques to represent the skin of reptiles, their details and morphology. We are not only interested in the techniques, but also in the individual capacity to observe, investigate, analyze and synthesize information.

Where to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the course?

Illustration is a necessary activity in different fields of work. Nowadays it is very important for a marketing and advertising agency to have an illustrator. Likewise, publishers and magazines make use of these professionals for their information issues. Although reptiles are not the latest trend, there are many professions that talk about this: scientists, university professors, experts and animal protectors, among others.